Design: What Styles are Popular in Luxury Residences Right Now

Home décor and clothing can go in and out of fashion, but when it comes to real estate there are some styles that are timeless. The style of house you choose can vary based on personal taste, the climate of the area you are in and the price range you have. Since the climate varies depending on which area you live in, there may be certain styles of houses that are better suited for the environmental conditions in the area. The materials used to build single family homes and even luxury towers need to be able to withstand the weather of the environment they are in.

Practical reasons for choosing a house style

Variations in temperatures, humidity and weather are why a home must be able to adapt to the environment it is built in. For areas prone to tornadoes, you will find buildings made with stronger materials and have a storm cellar to provide shelter in case of an emergency. For properties in areas prone to wildfires, houses are often made of less flammable material can help to prevent it from being burned down during a surge. For houses in areas that are prone to flooding, you may see more homes built on stilts, or using garages as the first floor in order to mitigate damage down the road. These buildings also need to be made of water resistant materials to prevent mold and help to maintain the structure of the house by preventing degradation.

Popular house styles in Miami

  • Mediterranean- These houses have clay roof tiles, arched windows and doorways with wrought iron detailing as well as stucco walls on the exterior.
  • Art Deco- These houses are geometric with smooth stucco exteriors, rounded corners and bold decor.
  • Mission style- These houses have red tile roofs with smoothed out exterior stucco walls.
  • Mid Century modern- These houses are asymmetrical with flat roofs and open concept floor plans. They also have a bi-level structure, angular details and large glass windows that provide wide views of the outside from within the living space.

Choosing a house that is both aesthetically pleasing and made to last will help ensure that a homeowner feels confident in their investment. The weather resistant materials and protection that the building provides can make the homeowner feel secure in their new environment. The connection they feel to the design they chose can put the final touches into the house to make it feel like a home. CMC Group is one of the top luxury real estate developers in Miami and South Florida. Visit us online or contact us at 305-372-0550 today!