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Park Redevelopment for Miami Beach Residents

Portman-CMC recently wrote about their plans for changing up the Miami Beach parks to give a better experience for all residents. Miami being known for its year round great weather opens up a wealth of possibilities. Portman-CMC wants to bring life to one of Miami Beach’s most underutilized public sites.

“Portman-CMC believes it is time to take the current sea of asphalt and turn it into a green oasis.”

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Dealing with Traffic Congestion in Miami Beach

Jennifer LeClaire recently wrote an article about South Beach ACE and Portman-CMC plans for “minimizing traffic congestion and encouraging pedestrian flow”. Ambrish Baisiwala CEO of Portman Holdings, responded to mentioning their research into traffic congestion in urban areas and the technologies in the plans to minimize impact on travelers.

“We also want to enhance public transit […] [t]o make biking a better option for businesses, visitors, and residents, we plan to add amenities like covered biking racks and locker rooms.”

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The Price Tag for the Miami Beach Convention Center

Biz Journals posted an article about various proposals for the Miami Beach Convention Center. Portman-CMC gave a $1.15 billion proposal while South Beach ACE submitted a $1.2 billion proposal. Both of them included commercial development which will be on city-owned land. They will be responsible for other private components such as a hotel and retail locations. Each company will continue to revise their plan to give people a better understanding of their goal.

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Miami Beach Convention Center Gets Cost-Effective Plan

CPExecutive recently wrote an article on a new cost effective master plan for the Miami Beach Convention Center. Portman-CMC mentioned the city staff and officials for their cooperation in regards to financing, management and land leases.

The CEO of Portman Holdings, Ambrish Baisiwala, stated “No new taxes and less bonding in order to finance the convention center improvements and expansion, as well as associated parking and infrastructure improvements.”

Portman-CMC’s main approach to the Miami Beach Convention Center is to focus on lower heights for buildings, offer easy connectivity to the areas surround the center, provide an exceptional urban environment, and to make sure that there is an economic benefit.

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The Great Secret of Aspen

A recent article from Ocean Drive highlighted Aspen as a guide for a getaway. In the article, they spoke of Ugo Colombo’s relationship with Aspen. Ugo Colombo and his wife Sara Colombo often traveled there as avid skiers, and eventually purchased a house there. Ugo Colombo realized that the warmer months were equally as enjoyable as winter if not more so. “It’s a very healthy lifestyle. The restaurants and shops are of high quality, and it doesn’t have a highway running through the middle of it, like Vail. It’s a cozy mountain town and is more difficult to access, which makes it exclusive.”

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Sara and Ugo Colombo Featured on Haute 100 List of Haute Living

Sara and Ugo Colombo were recently announced as part of Haute Living’s List of Haute 100 for 2013. The Haute 100 list is a list of the most influential individuals in Miami as compiled by the editors of Haute Living. The Colombo’s were recognized for their strong sense of luxury style and contributions to the community of Miami. According to the article, “Colombo is recognized all over the world for his Midas’ touch, bringing exceptional luxury properties and residential buildings to the city of Miami. His stunning wife Sara’s 2,200 square-foot interior design shop, NEST, specializes in high-style products for the home presented with a coveted European flair that is reflective of her innate sense of style.”

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Ugo Colombo and Portman CMC Modify Convention Center Proposal

Ugo Colombo and the other members of the Portman CMC team have recently modified their original proposal for the Miami Convention Center to incorporate feedback from the Miami Beach community. “The residents made it clear that the Jackie Gleason Theater is an important landmark they want to keep. We listened, we heard, and we’ve found a way to adjust the master plan in order to keep the theater in place while still achieving our other objectives,” said Jack Portman, of Portman Holdings.

The team is planning to restore the Jackie Gleason Theatre and integrate it with their plans to turn the Convention Center into a superior urban environment. They aim to provide residents with public outdoor spaces while maximizing its economic benefit to the Miami Beach Community.

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