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Jack Portman Responds To Bid Results

A statement was recently released by Jack Portman after the decision was made on who would construct the new Miami Beach Convention Center. He stated that the Portman-CMC workforce enjoyed working with the residents, business owners, and the officials of Miami Beach. Even though they are disappointed with the results, they are thankful to have had the opportunity to bid on the project. They’re confident they worked their hardest for their vision and are happy they put in the effort. Jack concluded with a congratulations to South Beach ACE and wished them luck.

You can read Jack Portman’s Full Response on PortmanCMCMiamiBeach.com.

The Price Tag for the Miami Beach Convention Center

Biz Journals posted an article about various proposals for the Miami Beach Convention Center. Portman-CMC gave a $1.15 billion proposal while South Beach ACE submitted a $1.2 billion proposal. Both of them included commercial development which will be on city-owned land. They will be responsible for other private components such as a hotel and retail locations. Each company will continue to revise their plan to give people a better understanding of their goal.

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Miami Beach Convention Center Gets Cost-Effective Plan

CPExecutive recently wrote an article on a new cost effective master plan for the Miami Beach Convention Center. Portman-CMC mentioned the city staff and officials for their cooperation in regards to financing, management and land leases.

The CEO of Portman Holdings, Ambrish Baisiwala, stated “No new taxes and less bonding in order to finance the convention center improvements and expansion, as well as associated parking and infrastructure improvements.”

Portman-CMC’s main approach to the Miami Beach Convention Center is to focus on lower heights for buildings, offer easy connectivity to the areas surround the center, provide an exceptional urban environment, and to make sure that there is an economic benefit.

You can read more about the Portman-CMC Reveals Cost-Effective Master Plan on CPExecutive.