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Portman-CMC Chosen for Convention Center Overhaul

Recently, a vote was held to see who would be chosen for the Miami Beach Convention Center overhaul project. Portman-CMC won over ACE in a 4-3 vote. It appears that the main reason for this was that Portman-CMC’s plan included a separate ballroom. On the other hand, ACE’s solution was to join the ballroom and convention center.


The main reason they favor the detached ballroom is so that visitors could have a more people oriented environment. After all, the main idea behind this project is to be able to focus on improving the convention center.


Read more about the Miami Beach Advisory Board Backing Portman-CMC on

Miami Beach Showroom Opens Its Doors for Residents

Portman-CMC has decided to showcase their latest project for the City of Miami Beach. All residents of Miami Beach are welcome to get an overview and learn about Portman-CMC’s plan. You’ll be able to stop by Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Everyone is encouraged to come by and get an inside look on what the future of Miami Beach will hold.

You can find more details about the Miami Beach Showroom on Portman-CMC’s site.

Miami Beach Square Gets Visual

A short animated clip was created to show the plan for the Miami Beach Convention Center. The video shows the exact location as well as all the buildings that will be included. There will be a dedicated area for residential development with the Museum of Latin American Culture right next to it. The video then introduced renderings of people and the overall environment. This could help people get a good idea of what they could expect for the Miami Beach Square.

Check out the video on the Miami Beach Square.


Meet Ugo Colombo and Jack Portman

Lyndsi Stafford recently wrote a post on Portman-CMC Miami Beach about Ugo Colombo, President of the CMC Group and Jack Portman, Vice Chairman of the company and Chief Executive Officer for Portman & Associates.

Lyndsi Stafford mentions, “Without the leadership and experience that both Jack and Ugo bring to the table, the Portman-CMC design for the Miami Beach Convention Center wouldn’t be the masterpiece that it is today”.

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