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Residents of Miami Praise the Miami Beach Convention Center

When designing the Miami Beach Convention Center, Portman-CMC took into account the variety of events that will be hosted there. The environment needs to be adaptable and versatile in order to accommodate all the various functions. Providing both an indoor and outdoor exhibition space will help accomplish that goal. The idea is to create a welcoming and engaging experience to all attendees. Many residents share that very same perspective.

Check out what the residents thought of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Portman-CMC Chosen for Convention Center Overhaul

Recently, a vote was held to see who would be chosen for the Miami Beach Convention Center overhaul project. Portman-CMC won over ACE in a 4-3 vote. It appears that the main reason for this was that Portman-CMC’s plan included a separate ballroom. On the other hand, ACE’s solution was to join the ballroom and convention center.


The main reason they favor the detached ballroom is so that visitors could have a more people oriented environment. After all, the main idea behind this project is to be able to focus on improving the convention center.


Read more about the Miami Beach Advisory Board Backing Portman-CMC on MiamiHerald.com.

Miami Beach Square Gets Visual

A short animated clip was created to show the plan for the Miami Beach Convention Center. The video shows the exact location as well as all the buildings that will be included. There will be a dedicated area for residential development with the Museum of Latin American Culture right next to it. The video then introduced renderings of people and the overall environment. This could help people get a good idea of what they could expect for the Miami Beach Square.

Check out the video on the Miami Beach Square.


Battle for the Miami Beach Convention Center

Two bidders are competing for the multi-million dollar Miami Beach Convention Center project. They have presented their plans to the public recently during a hearing. The presentations offered more information on what they plan to do but neither offered much on how traffic will be impacted. An article on Globest.com stated, “The Portman CMC team has hired David Plummer & Associates, a Coral Gables company, to analyze traffic issues in connection with its plan.”

Find out more about the Two Competitors’ Plans on the Globest website.

Architects Go Head To Head

Curbed recently posted an article on how two architects are battling it out with updated plans for the Miami Beach Convention Center. The first architect, Bjarke Ingels, plans for a more colorful and energetic design. Whereas his competition, Rem Koolhaas, has a more futuristic and eclectic look. You’ll be able to take a look at some of the images they provided.

You can read more about the Updated Convention Center Plans on the Miami section of Curbed.

Portman – CMC Group Discusses Changes to Convention Center Plans

South Florida Business Journal recently interviewed Jack Portman, from the Portman – CMC Group, on their plans for the Miami Convention Center. The Portman – CMC Group proposed new designs that call for approximately 100,000 square feet of retail space, which is less than half of what the group initially proposed. Portman said this decision was made based on a combination of feedback from the public and the city commission.

Jack Portman went on to discuss their other plans for the Miami Convention Center, including separate convention space and hotel space, a search for complementary retailers to support Lincoln Road businesses, plans for a public transit hub, and their thoughts on the competing bid from South Beach ACE.

To read the full interview with Jack Portman from Portman – CMC Group, check out South Florida Business Journal.

Ugo Colombo Presents Plans for Miami Convention Center

Ugo Colombo and the Portman-CMC Group were recently featured in the South Florida Business Journal. The article discussed Portman-CMC Group’s plans for the Miami Convention Center and the plans of the competing proposal from South Beach ACE. According to the article, Ugo Colombo will be working with developer Portman Holdings, “Cirque du Soleil, Bal Harbour Shops, architect Bjarke Ingels and West 8, which created the Miami Beach Soundscape next to the New World Symphony.” The group’s proposal would call for a diagonal landscaped square of four acres in the southwest corner of the property. This would serve as the hub of the neighborhood and the convention center would serve as spokes.

To read the full article on Ugo Colombo and the Portman – CMC Group, check out South Florida Business Journal