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Residents of Miami Praise the Miami Beach Convention Center

When designing the Miami Beach Convention Center, Portman-CMC took into account the variety of events that will be hosted there. The environment needs to be adaptable and versatile in order to accommodate all the various functions. Providing both an indoor and outdoor exhibition space will help accomplish that goal. The idea is to create a welcoming and engaging experience to all attendees. Many residents share that very same perspective.

Check out what the residents thought of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

A Balance of Art and Nature

Portman-CMC would like you to have a better day. They recently discussed how including pieces of artwork in the parks of Miami Beach could compliment them. These Art Parks will offer a unique setting for outdoor activities such as picnics or simply going for a stroll. Roughly 26 acres will be dedicated to some quality outdoor time so you can enjoy the weather in a different way. Art Parks could be a good way to inspire awe and wonder for both children and adults.

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Convention Center to Accommodate Art Basel

For Miami Beach, the Art Basel could be considered one of the main yearly attractions held there. This was not overlooked by Portman-CMC while they were designing the convention center. Some of the top artists from around the world make an appearance every December to showcase some of their art. As the convention center stands now, the lighting doesn’t do the artwork justice. Portman-CMC is planning to revise the lighting to pull in more natural light as well as add some sky lighting. That combined with an open space should result in better lighting to compliment works of art instead of working against them.

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Portman-CMC Chosen for Convention Center Overhaul

Recently, a vote was held to see who would be chosen for the Miami Beach Convention Center overhaul project. Portman-CMC won over ACE in a 4-3 vote. It appears that the main reason for this was that Portman-CMC’s plan included a separate ballroom. On the other hand, ACE’s solution was to join the ballroom and convention center.


The main reason they favor the detached ballroom is so that visitors could have a more people oriented environment. After all, the main idea behind this project is to be able to focus on improving the convention center.


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Miami Beach Showroom Opens Its Doors for Residents

Portman-CMC has decided to showcase their latest project for the City of Miami Beach. All residents of Miami Beach are welcome to get an overview and learn about Portman-CMC’s plan. You’ll be able to stop by Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Everyone is encouraged to come by and get an inside look on what the future of Miami Beach will hold.

You can find more details about the Miami Beach Showroom on Portman-CMC’s site.

Park Redevelopment for Miami Beach Residents

Portman-CMC recently wrote about their plans for changing up the Miami Beach parks to give a better experience for all residents. Miami being known for its year round great weather opens up a wealth of possibilities. Portman-CMC wants to bring life to one of Miami Beach’s most underutilized public sites.

“Portman-CMC believes it is time to take the current sea of asphalt and turn it into a green oasis.”

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Dealing with Traffic Congestion in Miami Beach

Jennifer LeClaire recently wrote an article about South Beach ACE and Portman-CMC plans for “minimizing traffic congestion and encouraging pedestrian flow”. Ambrish Baisiwala CEO of Portman Holdings, responded to GlobeSt.com mentioning their research into traffic congestion in urban areas and the technologies in the plans to minimize impact on travelers.

“We also want to enhance public transit […] [t]o make biking a better option for businesses, visitors, and residents, we plan to add amenities like covered biking racks and locker rooms.”

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Ugo Colombo and Portman CMC Modify Convention Center Proposal

Ugo Colombo and the other members of the Portman CMC team have recently modified their original proposal for the Miami Convention Center to incorporate feedback from the Miami Beach community. “The residents made it clear that the Jackie Gleason Theater is an important landmark they want to keep. We listened, we heard, and we’ve found a way to adjust the master plan in order to keep the theater in place while still achieving our other objectives,” said Jack Portman, of Portman Holdings.

The team is planning to restore the Jackie Gleason Theatre and integrate it with their plans to turn the Convention Center into a superior urban environment. They aim to provide residents with public outdoor spaces while maximizing its economic benefit to the Miami Beach Community.

For the Full article on Ugo Colombo and Portman CMC, check out BizJournals.

Developers Revisit Plans for Miami Beach Convention Center

A third public meeting was held recently were Portman CMC showed off their newly revised plans based on input from the community during past meetings.

“Portman CMC, led by developer Jack Portman, is also working with Cirque du Soliel, and has indicated plans to bring the art-inspired circus act to South Beach. Renderings provided to Local 10 include a raised hotel with green space below.”

The Miami Beach commission is expected to make a selection this Summer.

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Miami Convention Center Plans for a Public Square

The Real Deal recently reported on Portman CMC’s plan to include a public courtyard into the Miami Beach Convention Center revamp. Portman CMC has created plans to redevelop 52 acres in Miami which includes Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater, city hall, and a hotel.

“Each firm will present a master plan on June 5 at the City Commission meeting, after which the commission will choose a developer, according to the City of Miami’s website.”

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