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Ugo Colombo Discusses Old World, Fast Cars, and the Right Designs

Ugo Colombo was recently featured in an executive profile for the South Florida Business Journal where he discusses Italy, his love for cars, and his philosophy behind architecture and design in his real estate properties.

Ugo Colombo at the sales center of his latest condominium project, the Brickell Flatiron.

Source: South Florida Business Journal

Ugo Colombo – who was born in Milan, Italy – says Italy still has connections to the Old World while America is more progressive (he came to the United States for college in 1983).

Mr. Colombo also enjoys racing cars in America (and beyond), and he has competed professionally on some of the world’s biggest tracks.  When asked how he felt after experiencing a car crash, Ugo Colombo replied by saying: “If you fall from the horse, the best thing you can do is just get back on the horse and keep going.”

He also spoke about the importance of design in all of his properties.  “Designing, particularly a condo, the architecture is the functionality, so I look at designing the building from the inside out,” he says.  “I look at the latest designs [and then] I direct the architect and interior designer in the right direction.”

Learn more about Ugo Colombo in this executive profile (Note: a subscription may be required to view this article).

Botanical Gardens Support Convention Center Redevelopment

The South Florida Business Journal recently wrote an article on how expansion of botanical gardens could be vital for convention center improvement. Both South Beach ACE and Portman CMC agree that expanding these gardens is crucial. It would serve as a way to turn unused land into a lush landscape. Residents of this area will be able to integrate with other communities while sharing this redeveloped space.

You can read more about the Botanical Garden Expansion at the South Florida Business Journal.

Ugo Colombo Presents Plans for Miami Convention Center

Ugo Colombo and the Portman-CMC Group were recently featured in the South Florida Business Journal. The article discussed Portman-CMC Group’s plans for the Miami Convention Center and the plans of the competing proposal from South Beach ACE. According to the article, Ugo Colombo will be working with developer Portman Holdings, “Cirque du Soleil, Bal Harbour Shops, architect Bjarke Ingels and West 8, which created the Miami Beach Soundscape next to the New World Symphony.” The group’s proposal would call for a diagonal landscaped square of four acres in the southwest corner of the property. This would serve as the hub of the neighborhood and the convention center would serve as spokes.

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