Miami Luxury Furniture Dealers to Furnish Your Property With

Miami offers a large array of beautiful luxury properties for potential buyers to want to call their home. From units in art deco buildings to beautiful villa-style mansions, the city offers no shortage of spaces that ooze class. Though what’s an opulent home without furnishings that match the overall feeling? Just like the beautiful homes, Miami has no shortage of luxury furniture dealers for you to amp up the elegance of your space.

Anima Domus

The first outlet being showcased is Anima Domus, which has two separate showrooms in the Miami area, one in the city itself and one in nearby Aventura. Anima Domus boasts an impressive amount of furnishings, including bed sets, tables, shelving, lighting and wall accessories. For each category of furnishing that they offer, the dealer carries items from at least 2 dozen brands. Many of the items offered are imports, with a good number of those coming from luxury designers in Italy. Though not traditionally “fancy”, the selection here features many avant-garde designs and goes for a more atypical artsy feel.

Diseño Miami

Another dealer that focuses on a modern, artsy look with pieces imported from various European countries. What sets Diseño apart from other dealers in Miami is their sleek minimalist presentation, mimicking that of an art museum. They carry an impressive selection of items from renowned designers, such as seating and tables by GUBI, lighting by Tom Dixon, and bedroom and living area furnishings by Casa.

If you are looking for a unique, darker more dreamlike look, Diseño comes highly recommended.


If you are looking for a sleek and luxurious look but also want something slightly more “traditional modern” and understated than the previous two selections, seek out Modani. Modani has locations all over the country, including two in New York, three in California, and seven in Florida. The Miami showroom offers furnishings for all areas of the home, including full beds, large sofas, and a plethora of wall mirrors, paintings, rugs, and other accessories.

As you can see, Miami has a large selection of luxury furniture dealers to satisfy all tastes. Now get out there and start browsing!

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