Ugo Colombo and The Collection Welcome McLaren 570S Coupe

Ugo Colombo, Ken Gorin and The Collection recently celebrated the arrival of the all-new McLaren 570S Coupé –  a mere few days after its premiere at the famed New York Auto Show.

McLaren has completed its three-tier model strategy by adding the Sports Series to the already-established Super Series and Ultimate Series. The Collection is the first dealer to receive the 570S on a multi-dealership North American tour and Ugo Colombo was present to experience the 570S.  More than 50 VIP guests join him as they flowed into The Collection for the two-day private appointments.  They enjoyed light catering, an augmented reality display of the 570S and a display of McLaren’s jaw-dropping sports cars including the evening’s main-attraction – the all-new 570S; the 650S and McLaren’s hypercar – the P1™.


Ugo Colombo and Ken Gorin with the McLaren 570S

“The future of the McLaren brand is extremely bright with the launch of the first model of the new Sports Series,” said Ken Gorin, President and CEO of The Collection. “The McLaren 570S combines superb performance with an unmatched driving experience for day-to-day usability, which is a perfect fit for our dealership and Miami.”

The unique carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis has been newly designed with a focus on day-to-day usability. Its extremely stiff, strong but light structure enables it to deliver exceptional handling precision.  The low rear deck helps reduce drag, the rear flying buttresses increase downforce and the dihedral-hinged doors channel airflow.  Adding an extensive range of additional performance equipment, the 570S also provides carbon ceramic brakes, 17 exterior colours and track-biased Pirelli P-Zero™ Corsa tyres to help deliver a scintillating driving performance even under the toughest circumstances.

Form and function flow together in the Sports Series. The McLaren 570S is carefully designed to deliver highly efficient aerodynamic and aesthetic performance.

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