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Ugo Colombo: It’s All in the Details

Source: Miami Herald

In a recent Miami Herald piece, Ugo Colombo explains why the designs of his projects are all about the details.

“The Italian-born developer oversees nearly every inch of his projects,” the article begins “from the intricate mosaics at the Collection, a luxury car dealership in Coral Gables, to the porthole-shaped windows that adorn Grovenor House, a 32-story condo tower with a nautical theme in Coconut Grove.”

Architect Luis Revuelta, who has worked with Ugo Colombo and CMC Group for 25 years says Ugo Colombo “…insisted on importing Venetian stucco, Italian kitchen fixtures and Azurelite glass,” for the famous Bristol Tower that was built in 1993.

Ugo Colombo is continue his hands-approach – and attention to detail – in his latest project, Brickell Flatiron.  “’In order to really pay attention to what I’m doing, I need to work out a floor plan and personally look at what side each door swings and be happy with the column placement and how the whole building flows and functions,’” says Ugo.

Developer Alan Ojeda says Ugo Colombo “…invests so much time personally.  We all pay attention to detail, but with Ugo it’s an exquisite attention to detail, a real passion.”

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Sara Colombo Discusses Nest Casa

Sara Colombo, wife of Ugo Colombo, was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald for her eye for interior design, which can be seen in the items she hand-selects for her store, Nest Casa.  Sara Colombo credits her past modeling career and the experience of international traveling for her unique style. “I’m not an interior designer, it’s not what I’m trained to do,” Sara Colombo said. “What I like to do is hunt for objects and things you can’t find anywhere else.” Sara Colombo handpicks Nest’s unique collection from Italy, France, Belgium and other faraway places.” She goes on to give some quick tips for creating a beautiful home including embracing color, using art for blank wall space, and the importance of living things, such as plants, in the household.

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Ugo Colombo Selected as Part of Team to Revamp Miami Convention Center

Ugo Colombo was recently selected to be one of two teams working to create a development plan and financial proposal for the Miami Convention Center. This project will be privately funded and voted on by the public of Miami to ultimately decide between the two proposals. According to the article, Ugo Colombo’s team will consist of “Portman-CMC, the developer who built the 14-block Peachtree Center in Atlanta, and its partners, Miami condo developer Ugo Colombo, Cirque du Soleil and the Bal Harbour Shops.” The proposals are scheduled to be completed in June and will then be voted on.

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Miami Beach Commission Voted on Shortlist for Convention Center

The Miami Herald published an article discussing the potential groups of architects, investors, and developers who are bidding to take charge of the renovations for the Miami Convention Center. Portman – CMC Group, headed by Ugo Colombo and Portman Holdings were one of two groups chosen to compete for the final building proposal. According to the article, these two groups will develop their plans over the next 6 months, including public input, to craft the financial and developmental plans for the renovation.

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