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Ugo Colombo Presents Proposal for Miami Convention Center with Portman – CMC Group

Local 10 recently covered the public’s reaction to the proposed plans for the Miami Convention Center. Both proposals involve making the Convention Center into a more open area with parks and other attractions for the resident’s to enjoy. “We want to make it interesting, fun and inviting to create an overall urban environment that makes it feel like the community’s living room,” said developer Jack Portman, Ugo Colombo’s partner in the project.

To see Portman- CMC Group’s designs for the convention center, visit their website and to read the full article on Ugo Colombo and the Portman – CMC Group, visit Local 10.

Ugo Colombo Selected as Part of Team to Revamp Miami Convention Center

Ugo Colombo was recently selected to be one of two teams working to create a development plan and financial proposal for the Miami Convention Center. This project will be privately funded and voted on by the public of Miami to ultimately decide between the two proposals. According to the article, Ugo Colombo’s team will consist of “Portman-CMC, the developer who built the 14-block Peachtree Center in Atlanta, and its partners, Miami condo developer Ugo Colombo, Cirque du Soleil and the Bal Harbour Shops.” The proposals are scheduled to be completed in June and will then be voted on.

To read more about Ugo Colombo’s part in the Miami Convention Center renovations, check out the Miami Herald.

Portman – CMC Group Made the Short List for Miami Convention Center Renovations

The Portman – CMC group, headed by Ugo Colombo and Portman Holdings, have made the short list for the Miami Convention Center renovations. The Portman – CMC Group will be in the running with South Beach ACE to create the top renovation proposal.

For more information on Ugo Colombo and the Miami Convention Center renovations, visit BizJournals